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Essential pure natural rose oil 6,10 ml therapeutic aromatherapy grade organic

Essential pure natural rose oil 6,10 ml therapeutic aromatherapy grade organic
Essential pure natural rose oil 6,10 ml therapeutic aromatherapy grade organic

Essential pure natural rose oil 6,10 ml therapeutic aromatherapy grade organic

Essential pure natural rose oil 6 or 10 ml therapeutic aromatherapy grade organic. Pure 100% natural Bulgarian Certified Rose Oil Otto, 6 ml / 10 ml in BOX. 100% Pure Bulgarian Rose Oil in vessel.

Rose oil is a part of the products named as "a product without expire period". Genuine Bulgarian rose oil / Oleum Rosae of highest quality, steam distilled (not solvent extracted) and is 100% pure. Absolutely no carrier oils are added. The rose oil we offer is guaranteed as to its source and purity , obtained from the biggest Bulgarian Distillery and certified by the Bulgarian authorities. It is an extremely fragrant oil and you only use a tiny amount.

Some people simply inhale the fragrance. The Bulgarian rose oil is unique in its fragrance, combining the tender scent of the rose blossoms, the aroma of dew-drops, warm rain of the very first sunbeams. Pure Rose Otto - Frequently Asked Questions. Why is Steam Distilled Rose Otto the best? Pure rose oil is made in several countries Bulgarian steam distilled pure rose oil is number one in the world for several reasons.

For centuries people in Bulgaria have been specializing in the extraction of Pure Rose Essential oil. Their climate is such that the rose petals do not over produce wax for protection from the rays of the sun. In other climates, harsh or too little sun, will produce inferior rose petals that contain either too much or too little wax. Why is Rose Otto so expensive? It takes approximately 4000 kilograms of rose petals to produce 1 kilogram of pure steam distilled rose otto (Rosa Damascena) essential oil. What is the difference between Bulgarian Rose Otto and Rose Absolute?

The Bulgarian Rose Otto is steam distilled and contains only the natural essences of the rose petals. These oils are from the actual petals and are not exactly oily, but since they float on top of the rosewater, it is called a rose. Rose Otto ages beautifully if stored properly. Rose Absolute is extracted using solvents (typically Hexane).

The fragrance resembles the typical Rose scent you find in popouri and fragrance rose smell. Rose Otto absolute should never be used in skin preparation. Why does Rose Otto solidify at times?

In a slightly cool temperature, steam distilled Rose Essential Oil will solidify slightly. The natural waxes in the oil begin to set and seems to become slightly solid. This is a good sign that the oil you have is pure and not stretched with other chemicals to make more volume of the oil.

It will melt quicly if you hold bottle and use the heat in your hand to warm it. Why does the scent of the Rose Otto change between different bottles?

Different growing practices and environmental conditions (see 1 above) will produce a different scent. Sometimes the fragrance is flowery, greenish, rosy, lemony, fresh etc. But they are all extraordinary and beautiful in their own way. With pure Steam Distilled Rose Otto (Rosa Damascena), the plant extract smells different depending on growing practices, part of the world it was grown in, quality of the soil and things of that nature. Can you take Steam Distilled Rose Otto internally?

Rose Otto, like other essential oils is a highly concentrated plant essence and should not be taken orally. Rose essences are added to food items in minute amounts (usually by adding real Rose Water -- the distillate from the extraction process) and skilled people manufacture the preparations.

Should I apply Rose Otto directly onto my skin? It is best to always dilute Rose Otto with jojoba or another vegetable oil. Always apply Rose Otto (and all essential oils) sparingly on your wrist to check for any reaction.

Wait for 12 to 24 hours to see if you have a reaction to it before using it widely on your body. Where do I get more information about Bulgarian Rose Otto? Feel free to write me.

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Essential pure natural rose oil 6,10 ml therapeutic aromatherapy grade organic