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Anise Star Essential Oil 100% Pure 5ml-1gallon Free shipping

Anise Star Essential Oil 100% Pure 5ml-1gallon Free shipping

Anise Star Essential Oil 100% Pure 5ml-1gallon Free shipping

Pure & Natural Essential Oils. Anise Star - 100% Pure & Natural Essential Oil! Essential Oil Name: Anise Star Botanical Name: Illicium verum.

Package/Form: 5ml, 10ml, 15ml, and 30ml bottles have euro droppers. Description: Small to medium evergreen tree of the magnolia family, reaching up to 8m (26ft). The leaves are lanceolate and the axillary flowers are yellow. The tree is propagated by seed and mainly cultivated in China and Japan for export and home markets.

The fruits are harvested before they ripen, then sun dried. Its taste and aroma are very similar to the more common anise (Pimpinella anisum) that has been used since Roman times. Common Uses: This beautiful five-pointed spice is native to China and Southeast Asia. It is one of the widely using in Chinese cooking, and is the primary flavoring in Chinese five spice.

It is very different from traditional anise in appearance, although the smell and taste is very similar; warm and licorice-like. Star anise is also used in roasted meats; it heightens the flavor of stewed fruits, pies and other desserts.

Safety Information: Consumers who ingest one of the potentially toxic varieties of star anise such as Japanese star anise may suffer an adverse reaction and should consult a physician if this occurs. The star anise in this listing is Chinese and is considered safe and ours was manufactured for use in both aromatherapy and food grade applications. &###x200B;&###x200B;&###x200B;&###x200B;&###x200B;&###x200B;&##x200B. Q: What is an Essential Oil?

A: An Essential Oil is a concentrated, hydrophobic liquid containing volatile aroma compounds from plants. Essential Oils are also known as volatile or ethereal oils, as they are extracted from leaves, buds, bark, trees, flowers and other parts of plants.

The oil is "essential" in the sense that it carries a distinctive scent, or essence, from the plant. Essential Oils in general do not need to have any specific chemical properties in common, beyond conveying characteristic fragrances. They are not to be confused with essential fatty acids. Q: What uses do Essential Oils have?

A: They have had many uses in the past, and new applications are being discovered even today. Essential Oils can be used for anything ranging from aromatherapy, homemade arts and crafts (such as candles), and soaps. However, they are not just limited to applications because of their smell, they are also very useful as bug repellents, and flavors for certain foods or drinks. Some of them even have natural medicinal and/or therapeutic properties. Q: Can I take your oils internally or eat/drink them?

A: The International Federation of Aromatherapists does not recommend taking Essential Oils internally unless under the direct supervision of a medical doctor who is qualified in clinical Aromatherapy. Please make sure that, when you take any oils internally, it is under the guidance of a medical professional. Q: Are your oils really pure? They contain nothing else than the essence of the plant they are extracted from and the oil itself, and are not diluted or watered down. Q: How do I know I'm really getting good quality products? We keep this guarantee as a show of gratitude for our customers, and we will do our best to keep you satisfied!

Essential oils are very concentrated and potent. &###xA0;Even small amounts can cause harm if used improperly. Do not apply undiluted essential oils directly to your skin, as this can cause an overdose. Make sure you store essential oils out of the reach of children and pets. Do not get essential oils in your eyes, nose, or ears.

Wash your hands thoroughly after using essential oils. If working with pure essential oils, you may want to get disposable latex gloves (or latex-free&###xA0;alternatives). Do not take essential oils internally, unless at the advice of your doctor or a qualified medical practitioner.

Before going out in the sun or to a tanning booth, avoid using essential oils that increase your sensitivity&###xA0;to the sun, such as citrus oils e. Do a patch test if you have allergies or think you might be sensitive to an essential oil. Test&###xA0;aromatherapy products (such as lotions or creams) by applying a small dab to your arm.

For pure&###xA0;essential oils, add one drop in 2.5 mL (or 1/2 teaspoon) of vegetable oil and apply it to your arm. If the area turns red, or if there is burning or itchiness, wash the area and do not use that product. Overuse of essential oils can trigger a headache or dizziness. Do not exceed the recommended amounts.

If you're working with essential oils e. Making your own lotions, candles, or bath salts make sure&###xA0;you're working in a well-ventilated area and take breaks to go outside. If you have a medical condition, consult a qualified medical practitioner before using essential oils. &###xA0;Certain essential oils should not be used by people with certain conditions. People with liver or kidney disease should only use essential oils under the guidance of a qualified&###xA0;medical practitioner.

Once absorbed in the bloodstream, essential oils are eventually cleared from your&###xA0;body by the liver and kidneys--using essential oils excessively may injure these organs. Consult a qualified medical practitioner if you are using any medication, because essential oils may&###xA0;interact negatively with certain medications.

For example, relaxing essential oils such as chamomile, lavender, and melissa (lemon balm) may heighten the effect of sleeping pills or sedatives. The information provided&###xA0;is obtained from current and reliable sources, but WFMED makes no representation as to the comprehensiveness or accuracy of said information. &###xA0;Nothing contained herein should be considered as a direct recommendation by WFMED as to use of Essential Oils, Carrier Oils, or Hydrosol Oils.

Essential oils are natural products. &###xA0;There are many differences among varieties, species, places of origin, and other factors related to essential oils.

&###xA0;WFMED shall not be held responsible for any damages to property, or for any adverse physical effects (including injury or bodily harm) caused by insufficient knowledge or the improper use of our products. &###xA0;The user of the product is solely responsible for compliance with any laws and regulations applying to the use of the product, including intellectual property right of third parties. &###xA0;The liability of WFMED is limited to the value of the goods and does not include any consequential loss. &###xA0;WFMED shall not be liable for any errors or delays in the content, or for any actions taken in reliance thereon. Product Information Essential Oil Name: Anise Star Botanical Name: Illicium verum Plant Part: Fruit Extraction Method: Steam Distilled Origin: China Package/Form: 5ml, 10ml, 15ml, and 30ml bottles have euro droppers.

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Anise Star Essential Oil 100% Pure 5ml-1gallon Free shipping